A Life In Snapshots

There have been several attempts made by me to chronicle my usually ordinary life, with occasional bursts of abnormality, and this is just the latest one.

If you click on "old stuff" just to your left there, you'll see similar speeches about how this is my life blah blah, and quite probably about how this is the journal/blog/website to end all journals/blogs/websites. All bollocks. Every last word of it.

This page has managed to remain unchanged for several years now. The day has finally come when I must alert the world about the birth of Oliver James Steele and it's only taken me 4 months to get around to it. Impressive no? His life is being documented alongside that of his big sister Amelia Poppy in this blog.

My random writings used to be housed in a the blog above but when there started to be pictures of stools next to angelic pictures of Amelia I decided enough was enough and separated the two. My new ramblings can be found on www.junglefreedomfighters.com. Enjoy!